Uniseal® gaskets are the universal, economical and durable solution for your tight wall penetrations, even when they are curved.

Uniseal® replace traditional plumbing bulkhead fittings with one injection molded part. They have been designed to solve a large number of problems related to hose / tank connections. For many industries, pipe seals are traditionally among the most complex connections to manufacture. Traditional seals require multiple parts such as rigid flanges, bolts, washers, O-rings, as well as long assembly times and high production costs.

The use of Alcryn® thermoplastics to manufacture Uniseal® joints results in a tighter joint that can be used faster and is compatible with water or oil-based materials. It also has a coefficient of friction approximately three times higher than competing materials, which creates a better overall seal.

The best thing about Uniseal® is their quick, easy and reliable installation process. A simple hole drilling on tank wall, then insert the Uniseal®. Apply a thin film of lubricant to the outside of the pipe, belote pushing it through the seal to complete the installation. When the pipe is pushed through the Uniseal® rubber seal, it becomes thin enough to allow the pipe to pass. With this simple design, Uniseal® solve many complex problems.
The ability of the Uniseal® to be used on flat or curved surfaces has allowed its use in many industries, including wastewater management, irrigation, agriculture, petrochemicals, rainwater recycling, culture hydroponics, the building and many others.

Uniseal® Bulkhead reduce production costs, replace old equipment with a single piece. They provide a tight connection to liquids. Uniseal® seals are designed for use on 6, 8, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50mm OD pipes on wall thicknesses from 1 to 15mm.

Each Uniseal® is marked, do not be fooled by imitations.

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